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Inclusive treatment plans outlined to your specific needs for your journey to rehabilitation. 

Pre/Post Surgical 

This is a program designed before your surgery, after your surgery or both.


Sports Rehab

Typically rehab designed for athletes that have been injured playing their sport.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a form of therapy that treats a wide variety of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system such as 

  • bones

  • muscles

  • ligaments and tendons

  • joints

  • connective tissue


Occupational Therapy 

Teaches you how to adapt. It can help you perform any kind of task at school, work, or in your home.


Balance Therapy

Understanding what is causing your balance and "gait" issues starts in Balance Therapy. Weakened muscles can cause balance problems, from an accident or simply from us aging. Our goal is to underline the problem and work it out together through a proper training program put together for you.

FirstPT Bonus Treatment

Fitness & Wellness

Concussion Management

Neurological Rehabilitation

Dry Needling

Let's Work Together

Let FirstPT be your ideal stop for treatment.

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